Today we are comparing two best and trending games of all time on smartphones now a days MINI MILITIA and PUBG Mobile

Let us first talk about Mini Militia and then we will head towards PUBG Mobile

MINI MILITIA: shortened overview

We all are familiar to Mini Militia so i wont talk more about it, this also one of the best battle royal which set smartphone gaming on fire when it was released it is a 2 Dimensional game with so many maps and guns best thing about mini militia is that it works on  almost every device without any lag and gives best performance, Its a greatest multiplayer community best of all time and also have 50M+ users.

PUBG MOBILE: shortened overview

PUBG lit the world on fire last year on PC Gaming sold its million of copies after amazing performance of PUBG on PC, tencent released its MOBILE version previously this year which was also a successful release and set the smartphone world on fire and reached 50M+ downloads by now on andrion and 10M+ on ios.


PUBG Mobile is almost similar to its counterpart PC version, which is one of the best thing for mobile users who were unable to afford a PC can now excess the game easily, although PUBG has only two maps right now Erangel and Miramar, which is an abandoned, vaguely Eastern European 8Km x 8Km Island which is similar to its PC map it has got all in it hospital to school and even a military base.


Gameplay of PUBG mobile is smooth but it requires a above average device for playing it without interruption, its a 3 Dimensional game so it heats up the device if you play it for a longer time but its the best of all time it has arcade mode and a classic mode it has got interesting skins dresses and many more for your player looks but the are on purchase which is costlier.if we consider overall gameplay PUBG Mobile is one of the best 3D games on smartphones now a days, and the updates of PUBG are very frequent.

Whats new on PUBG this time??

This time in PUBG beta version we have a New Map introduced and also a new mode of game play respawning one now you can respawn with a gun in your hand and can get yourself killed several times to download Beta follow the button below