After successful tournament of PUBG SOLO BATTLE ROYAL, we are back with another tournament this time with DUO Tournament.

Winning prize and Entry Fee for the Tournament

Entry Fee : Rs 20/player

Prize : Rs 15/kill

Join our WhatsApp Group for Room Details (mandatory)

Date and Time : 12th November, 09:00 PM

So now we will head for certain rules for this event: 

1. No Hack/Mod/Patcher is allowed.
2. Emulator player will be entertained.
3. Game will be classic mode only.
4. No stream Snipers will be allowed.
5. No abusing or spamming in voice chat neither in whatsapp group.
6. Last of all "there can only be me one winner let's go!!"
*Violation of above rules may lead to "Keep quiet" (disqualification)

Fill this form to take part in PUBG DUO Tournament all the way sponsored by MINIMILITIAWARS and SAM GAMING