This tournament is organized by SAM GAMING and Apnicreations

Squad with most kills will get PUBG T-shirts worth Rs 1600

Squad with most revivals will get Rs 240 cash prize

Here is the proof

Room ID and password will be provided before 15 mins prior to the match to registered players.

Date and Time : 15th December, 10:30 PM


Terms and conditions

1. Emulators not allowed🚫

2. Solo/Duo entrants will be combined with other random players to form a squad.πŸ‘Œ

3. If someone knocked out their own players to revive will not be a part of squad revival prizing.πŸ™„

4. T-shirts shipping charges excluded which will be bear by us i.e. Rs.70.Shipping charges exceeding amnt 70 rs the receiver has to pay extra shipping amnt. For example, if shipping charge is Rs.100 then Rs.70 will be bear by us rest Rs.30 will be bear by you.😬

5. Tournament will be starting only if 15 squads or more participating otherwise we will postpone the event and your registration amount will be refunded if you want.🀨

6. Distribution of cash price will be take place after 3 hours of match finished. Process will take 24 hrs. so have patience.😌

7. T-shirts delivery time is of 2 weeks. You have to fill up a form,which will be provided by us, regarding your shipping address.πŸ“ƒ

8. If anyone failed to join the room then half of the entry fee will be refunded.

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