PUBG Mobile ‘Survive Till Dawn’: Top five tips and tricks to deal with the zombie menace in Erangel

To help you better cope up with the new PUBG Mobile 'Survive Till Dawn' mode, we have curated a few tips to take care of the zombies roaming around.

I have had some time to play this new mode and as you can see this in video I have killed more than 100 zombies. 

To help you better cope up with this new game mode, we have curated a few tips that you can use to get a chicken dinner.

Don’t be a lone ranger during a zombie plague

There are times the Survive Till Dawn mode will overwhelm you by throwing multiple hordes of zombies your way. The best way to deal with such hard times is by having a group of people looking at your back. I would recommend that when you go in to play this mode, group up with a few of your partners or play with random people.

Never start the match in solo configuration and always stick together with your team, else we all have seen what happens in a zombie movie to the lone wolf.

Fire in the hole

Grenades might be one of the least used weapons in PUBG Mobile, but are one of the best weapons to garner a number of kills or protect yourself. The same goes for the new zombie survival mode. However, not all bombs are effective and using them might just get you killed.

Carry around the cure

In a zombie-infested battleground, it is a no brainer to keep a good stock of zombie vaccine with you at all times. So whenever you are attacked by zombies and need to quickly heal after either getting away from them or killing them, using a zombie vaccine before using a medkit or bandages is a good idea. Using a zombie vaccine will help heal your character much faster.

Driving is life

Getting a vehicle might seem a bit difficult at the beginning, however, it is recommended that after you have gotten the supplies and guns required. You dash directly for the nearest road, and keep your eyes peeled for any vehicle that you can get your hands on.

Jumping like a boss

When the game begins, you have to select a good place to land, where you can find good amounts of supplies and weapons. The same is true for the new Survive Till Dawn mode, in which players have to select a good spot to para jump on to. I recommend that you jump into an area which is guaranteed to have a lot of players like Pochinki.

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