Apex Legends Mobile: Release date and Download Link

Mobile gamers could not control their excitement when Titanfall based battle royale Apex Legends was announced for mobile devices by Electronic Arts' CEO himself.

The game will be releasing in November 2019 on mobile devices. It is also highly likely that the game will first be released on iOS devices in beta, and will be brought to Android a while later - just like Fortnite Mobile did.

Some system requirements for running the game were also revealed. 

Your device will have to be running on 

Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop) or higher, and 

must have at least 3 GB of RAM. 

As the game is still in early development, GPU/CPU requirements have still not been revealed. 

We expect the CPU requirements to not be very high, but a good GPU may be required to play the game.

Finally, a pre-registration link can be found on APKPURE, where you can get notified when the game comes out. 
Here is the link for the same: pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile.

To pre-register, follow these steps (a video on how to do this can be found towards the end of this article):

1. Follow the link and download the APKPURE apk.

2. Install the app.

3. Search for Apex Legends.

4. Click on Pre-register.

5. Make an account on APKPURE (may require email verification)

6. Done!
Here is the video posted by Mr GHOST GAMING

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