Strategic Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia

Mini Militia is an online and offline 2D shooter, released back in 2011 for iOS and 2015 for Android. According to reports, it was listed as one of the top games in India for the year 2017.

Although the game is pretty simple and easy to play, for new players, it can be hard as they don’t know much about how to play the game. Although you may not be a newbie, still you will be struggling to rank higher. It is because you don’t know certain strategic tips and tricks that are used by Pros.

These tips and tricks are purely strategic and they are used by the pro players in the game. These tips and tricks will definitely boost your game and help you rank higher.

Here are some cool Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia which might make you the best of all militians! The tips and tricks itself are the strategy towards success.

Few Tips and Tricks are here:-
  • Don’t rush to attack as soon as the game starts instead load yourself with good guns and then go for the hunt.
  • Try to reach and attack players already engaged in the fight because of their low health.
  • Try to make double guns whenever you get a chance.

  • Sniper and Shotgun make a good combination.

  • Hide in the bushes and wait for the enemy to come.

  • If you are playing for a team and you are short of life and an enemy is approaching then, suicide!
  • If a person is lagging, shoot some bullets at him. Once they get normal they die instantly leaving you with a point.
  • If you are holding a gun and you are short of life don’t rush to attack, instead crouch and wait for few seconds until the life boosts at least half of it. Same holds with the jetpack.
  • If you think you cant stand in front of your enemy for longer throw a grenade this might help you to gain a point even if you die.
  • When the game starts then instead of rushing to attack as soon as you can, load yourself up with good guns and make sure that you have everything that you need, then proceed.
  • Attack and Reach players which had already been engaged in combat because they will have low health.
  • Whenever you get a chance then double your guns as two guns will give you an edge over your enemies.
  • One of the best combinations of double guns in the game is Sniper and Shotgun. This combination is effective both at short and long range.
  • Whilst playing for a team, if your health is low and you find an enemy approaching towards you, it is better to commit suicide.
  • If you found a player to be lagging, shoot some bullets at him. Once they finish lagging, they will die instantly and you will be rewarded with a point.
  • If you are short of health and are holding a gun, then don’t rush to attack enemies, instead, hide, crouch, and wait while the life boosts. Same thing for the jetpack.
  • Grenades are an important part of the game and they will help you kill the enemies. Use grenades carefully and if you are running out of health, you can stand in front of the enemy and use the grenade. Although you may die, you will also gain a point. Don’t forget to crouch please. Act fast before the opponent reacts to you! 

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