COD Mobile: Chance to play with Tiger Shroff and Mortal

Popular Indian Streamer and Professional Player Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur will be streaming Call of Duty: Mobile with Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, this weekend. Joining them will be other members from Team S8UL such as Viper and Regaltos.

The stream will also include fans and regular folks, who can interact with the pro players and actor. To apply, those who want to play have to drop an email on [email protected]. Fans will have a chance to play 5v5 Deathmatch with their favorite stars.


However, MortaL did mention that Saturday ie 7th of March would be his last day of playing COD: Mobile as he will be busy with preparing for PMPL South Asia in the next few days. From the 12th of March, MortaL and the rest of team SouL will be playing in PMPL along with 19 other teams from the South Asia region.

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