Which country made Mini Militia 2? Tracing the games origin

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Mini Militia 2 is a popular 2D shooter game available for both iOS and Android. It is hugely popular in India, and enjoys quite a following across the globe.Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, simply known as Mini Militia 2 or DA2, is a 2D shooter game for iOS and Android devices. It is an incredibly-popular game where players can either play offline survival modes or online multiplayer rounds with friends.

Mini Militia 2 is an excellent way to kill time, and is also quite fun to play with friends. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play Store, and is rated 4/5 on the same.

Origin of Mini Militia

The game was developed by Appsomniacs LLC. Here is an excerpt from the answer by Hunter Mayer, a partner at Appsomniacs on Quora.

A snip from the older version of the game.

 In the beginning Chad Towns initially created the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia game (DA2MM). Chad had soon after enlisted the help of a friend, Josh Neff. Chad was the originator of the stick shooter Doodle Army (DA1 circa 2009–2010?). At the same time Chad was working on a game with Hunter Mayer (me) called Flip the Bird (2011). After a while DA2MM became more of an operations work load than anticipated so Hunter came on board with DA2 (2012) to help manage ops, alert systems when servers went down, develop code for game servers, help out on design, etc. Josh moved on and discontinued actively supporting the game to work with his cousins on his own company “Mountain Machine Games”. Hunter took over more and more eventually did things like upgrade and rewrite lots of the the game server code to fit our new needs of the time (good and bad! ha!). So to be accurate he was indirectly contributing early on, but not entirely hands on, during that first year of development. Now all he does is slow down Chad by making the game tie into our growing business infrastructure like email sign-in servers, hack prevention systems (ongoing), storing game data on our own servers, and such ;) We’ve had other partners, but they were for other games and not long lasting for reasons (we’re hard to please and we work too damn much for sane people’s tastes.)

You can see the below answer on Quora

Read Hunter Mayer's answer to Who is the creator of mini militia? on Quora

The game was released for the iOS platform in April 2011, and on Google Player Store in March 2015. Mini Militia 2 was appreciated by players and soon became a sensation, while also becoming quite popular among the Indian mobile gaming community.

Publisher of Mini Militia 2

Miniclip took over publishing of the game and convinced the developer to upgrade the existing game, instead of going for the third installment. This means that the game is under the badge of Miniclip.

The only way to download the game is via Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Hence, the roots of the game can be traced back to Appsomniacs and America, but it is now published by Miniclip. However, Tencent has a significant stake in Miniclip, making it one of their subsidiaries.

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