Finally Something New in Mini Militia | Upgrade Weapons For Free in Mini Militia

Guys decrease time in crate opening features has been launched for everyone and for this you don't need to update the game, it's been directly added in the game so do check the game once!! do comment if you have got this features.

Decrease Crate Opening Time


As you can see in the picture above that by watching one advertisement we can decrease crate time by 1 hour, we can see maximum 2 advertisement and decrease crate time by 2 hours. So special crate can be opened in only 1 hour which usually takes 3 hours, elite crate takes 8 hours but by watching advertisement it can be opened in 6 hours.

Weapon Card in Mini Militia

So let's see this new features, last month we have shared leaks update of mini militia in which we said that you will be getting coins and cash free by watching ads in mini militia.

By watching three ads we get coins and 4th slot ads gives 1 cash only but after that 3 cash was added.But now its changed weapon card features has been added. Miniclip wants to know audience's interest whether they want cash or weapon card. 

Let's see how it works


Here you can see one weapon but mainly its common gun. We request miniclip to give 2-3 guns including epic guns. We usually get common guns in crate opening but it's hard to get epic gun so it request to add epic guns also in weapon card.

Do comment if you like weapon card or cash.

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