How To Check K/D Ratio in Mini Militia, Secret Trick

Hello Guys, today I will tell you about a secret trick about How to Check K/D ratio in Mini Militia. We all know that in many battlepass related games we have K/D ratio in those games like PUBG, but it's not there in Mini Militia. Hope miniclip bring this feature in next update. But don't worry today I will share one easy and logical trick to find K/D in mini militia through which you can find your own K/D ratio in mini militia.

But before that let's understand what is K/D ratio and why you should know about it, does it really matter in mini militia. 

What is K/D Ratio

Your K/D ratio is your kill to death ratio. A kill/death ratio at 1 means that for each enemy you kill you die one time. A K/D ratio of 2 means you kill 2 enemies for every one time that you die. The higher your K/D ratio, the better of a player you are. Many online clans & communities require you have a high K/D ratio in order to play with them. You can also impress your friends online & offline!

How to check K/D Ratio in Mini Militia

Go to profile section of mini militia game, there you will see your stats like how many kills you have done and how many times you have been killed i.e Death

Now take your calculator and divide your kill by death. That value will be your K/D Ratio. Do comment your K/D Ratio below post and show your skill power of mini militia!!!!

Let's Find K/D ratio of the above account. Here we can see that

Kills = 29811

Deaths = 16319

So K/D Ratio = 29811/16319 = 1.83

Kills = 39882

Deaths = 23072

K/D Ratio = 39882/23072 = 1.73

So this is how we can check K/D Ratio of any mini militia player and check whether he is pro player or an average player. These above players are pro and playing Mini Militia on BattleMonk App and earning money!!!

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