What are the real names of guns of ‘Mini Militia’?


Here's a list of names of some popular mini militia guns/bombs with their pictures.



This weapon is also known as the electric gun. Shoots a large EMP ball that travels a distance and electrifies anyone who is caught in it.

It can be used to terminate proxy mines.

When they are electrified, their rocket boots will not work for about 30 seconds. However, it does not do damage.


The laser is great long range gun. It offer good zoom.

This laser does not deal great amounts of damage.However, its fire rate is continuous.

Use it as a long range weapon, and do not hesitate to fire where you think the enemy is. It may be useful against enemies trying to rush.

Stay behind covers, do not try to dodge the laser.


Good for damaging multiple people at once.

You will take damage if you are next to a wall and fire at it.

Penetrates riot shields.


The Uzi is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn't need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. The Uzi is a sub machine gun, so a fully automatic handgun, what means that it fires multiple shots per second without any longer interruptions. 

The magazine holds in general 40 bullets, but this amount can be enlarged with the perk“Handgun Clip Extender”, which increases the clip size for the Uzi (and Desert Eagle) by 25%.

5.Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn't need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. 

Unlike to the Uzi and the Magnum the player will spawn with the Desert Eagle as his default secondary weapons (as long as he has not purchased the silenced golden Desert Eagle.


The Magnum is one of the default weapons in the game, so the player doesn’t need to buy the Pro Pack to use this weapon. 

The Magnum, or .44 Magnum, is a semi-automatic handgun, so its firing rate is very slow. The Magnum shots approximately 1 bullet per second, while it can just hold 6 rounds.

Like the Uzi, the Magnum is one of the starting weapons in single player and multiplayer matches as well.


Can take down an enemy with a single burst to the head if handled wisely.

Shoots in three round bursts.

Try to stay in open spaces when using it, or in straight corridors, to have a direct firing line for at least 1 second


This rifle is somewhat like a dumbed down version of the M93BA (the other sniper rifle) with lower accuracy, range, and non-instantaneous bullet speed, but with a faster firing rate, making it still suitable at closer range.


A head shot will kill instantly, and any shot below the head takes 1 shot and a melted attack to kill.

If the range is set to 7X, a large amount of the map is shown. With a 2X view and the zoom set to 7X, you can see almost the entire High Tower map.


good for only close combat battle.

This tool can be used only with the melee button and when in direct contact with the opponent. Rush into people. 

Dual-wielding is recommended (probably an Uzi or Magnum or Riot Shield)


A very good weapon, great for rushing, your opponent will fall in seconds, always have a long-range backup weapon in case your opponent favors ranged combat.

Has 50 shots and a maximum of 400 extra shots.


a gun that everyone knows. Not Akshay Kumar 47.

This gun should be picked up immediately to replace your starter guns.

Pro pack players don’t usually use this gun because they can double wield two Uzis, which by far beats the AK47.

13. Pump-Action Shotgun

You may have seen this gun in many movies.

A great weapon for close range.

It shoots many bullets at a time.

They are very powerful only good close range though, so you need a long range weapon as a backup.

Get close up to someone. A full shot will kill instantly. It is also advisable to keep a ranged weapon with you too.

14.SMAW(Rocket Launcher)

One smash and the enemy dies. instant kill weapon.

The rockets fly slowly, and the reload time is the slowest of all weapons.

Has 3 rockets in the clip and a maximum of 6.

Since its shots are splash-type, you are going to die instantly if its shots explode near you so beware.


A very overpowered weapon if used correctly. This is the one among the most used weapons in Mini Militia in Catacombs level.

If the saw hits a wall, it will be rebound so be careful not to suicide with this.

Saw explodes after about 5 seconds.

The saw gun only appears on the Catacombs and Cliffhanger maps.

It is the only weapon in the game that is meant to have to rebound


Many people call it time bomb or mine but it is proxy mine

When thrown in the air, they explode in approx. 2 sec. 

They are unaffected by gravity, and as such cannot be thrown very far. 

Explodes on human contact after a throw. If it hits a surface it will stick on it and arm. If someone gets close enough to activate it when armed or a frag grenade blow up nearby, it will explode as well. 

This is one of the good weapons in Mini Militia.


many players call it green gas.

When thrown, makes a small, circular, green cloud that lasts for about 15 seconds. Damages anyone in the vicinity of it. Damage is strongest in the center of the cloud. 

There is only way to make the cloud disappear-use flame thrower on it. This is one of the most used weapons in Mini Militia to gain free kills.


a normal bomb or hand grenade.

A good weapon for killing enemies that aren’t in gun range, and can throw the furthest. It is of green color.

This is one among the weapons in Mini Militia which is available when starting a game.

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