Mini Militia Classic This Year's Roadmap | Mini Militia Classic Upcoming Update


Hello militians, today we will share the roadmap of mini militia classic, all the updates coming in future. Following is the message directly from mini militia classic developers.


Hey all,

Time for the semi-regular MMC SITREP status update. This email goes over the following (i.e., here's the tl;dr):
  • Phase 2 dev status update. Deep into dev. Phase 1 testing is going great, so far.
  • Roadmap Overview (with links to shareable audio overview and images/docs)
  • On the topic of reporting hacking:
    • Actual bugs in the game: e.g., the map loading error (still there, but reduced)
    • Some whooping' are not hacking (most of them aren't; some are lag) Still we got work to do to reduce the perceptions and lag exploitation.
    • Lacking report details of the cheat or exploit is a way to get less action from us. We can't read minds, although we're working on it (ok that's an April fools joke right there 😉.)
  • Repost of the last update at the very end (to replace deleted post... whoops.)


Phase 2 dev status update

Testing is going great. I don't think we've had servers this stable before... so that's pretty awesome phase 1 result. We've begun, in earnest, on dev for phase 2 (see below for the roadmap overview)
I am 'guessing we are 50% done on the Scores and Leaderboard portion. Its by far the most significant thing time-wise. It's a very technical piece and its probably not the last time we will need to sink time on this. It's a new piece to replace the Google and Apple leaderboards. Those are some really big shoes to fill. But when we do... and we will... it's the start of a new era for our player data.

Roadmap Overview (with links to audio and images)

We got a lot of questions about what is next. Here is a rough outline of our plan, plus audio that you can use and quote freely. Notice there is not DATES other than the day the plan was the plan and was as good as a plan can be at that moment in time. I can already tell you we've had slight alterations to this plan. mostly additive.






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