Membership Plans

Mini Membership (Recommended)

It gives you access to 14 matches with each match having a winning prize of INR 30, and also includes 1 sponsored matches with a winning prize of INR 60, refer to your friends and if they take this membership you get  INR 10 cashback.

Sponsored Tournament

It gives you access only for one time in sponsored matches and Winner gets  INR 60, runner up gets INR 50 and Second runner up gets INR 40 as a winning prize. 

Team Battle

It gives you access to 1 match with your team (team can be of 2 members, 3 members, and 4 members, including 1 vs 1) so bring on your teammates and win the prize, For more info on this membership message us on our Social Links.
Note : Entry Fee of all the plans are only Rs 30 except mini membership. For team battle entry fee will be Rs 30/player

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