Upcoming Update in Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Upcoming Update in Doodle Army 2: Mini  Militia

App stores will get the official updates by the end of summers its under testing and these data/info are not being stolen, collected from DA2: Mini Militia officially

  • What's new in upcoming update (v4.0.51)beta:

- Added there own discord server(Now talk while you play)
As we all are playing many multiplayer games now a days there are many 3D multiplayer games but still Mini Militia is great community as compared to those other games so appsomanics decided to start its own official discord server yes you heard it right mini militia will soon have its own discord server now chat with your team mates while you play, its a bit late but its official now you don't need to install discord on your device you can talk within the game...

- Fixed more bugs.....
As usual nothing is perfect in this planet so, again there are some bug fixes to make the game more fluent and fast....  

  • About last update (v4.0.42):

- Added connection quality "PING" indicator in lobby and scoreboard (see who's lagging)
- Flamethrower added to CTF maps
- New spawn points added to CTF maps
- Added new store item (starting weapon)
- Added large screen support
- Added alerts when Google call fails to load stats
- Reduce CTF flag de-spawn rate
- Removed G+ Multiplayer play
- Added prompt to save control layout to profile
- Fix getting stuck when booting
- Fix game not ending when booted
- Fixed more bugs...

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  1. i want to your hacked minimiltia version

    1. https://www.minimilitiawars.com/2020/03/mini-militia-doodle-army-2-new-version.html