Why Use hack?



Types of hacks available now universally for Android and iOS.

(Not supported by Mini Militia Wars)

  1. Mini Militia wall hack
  2. Mini Militia Unlimited Nitro/JetPack Hack
  3. One Shot Kill – high damage Bullets 
  4. Unlimited bomb hack
  5. Mini Militia Unlimited HeWalth Hack and God Mod
  6. Doodle Army 2 Hacks for iOS, iPhone, and iPad
  7. Double Gun or Dual Wield (Any Weapon)
  8. Invisible Hack
  9. Death Sprayer Mod apk with Rocket Launcher
  10. Commander in Chief Hack 
  11. Cartoon Character Avatars
  12. Doodle Army 3
Note*: Non of the above hacked version are supported  or provided by Mini Militia Wars 


Why hack Mini Militia?

 Normally answered by Hackers in a surveys on our social Groups/Community:-

"I don't like to lose "

"Its fun playing with hack"

"I don't want to invest in a game for pro pack"                                                            

"To avail store items without skills"

**Comment below your  reason if not yet Mentioned here.

Solutions for the common reasons to avoid using Mods/Hack

  • "I Don't like to lose"

"Its not always about to wining or losing ", We recommend you to keep playing with the original version released by Appsomniacs and connect with our team for the guidance as we are a community of 10 k Players will have u included   in our game plays as well as we will provide u the best controls to become a true Militian and many more advantages of being a part of Mini Militia Wars community.
  • "Its fun playing with hack"   
This may be easy to say for You that its fun playing with hack version but , most players in our community play mini militia to release stress (According to Mini Militia Wars Survey),  while you guys are playing  it for fun some may get irritated and start to abuse which may lead to mental violence further moto of those player gets disturbed "Your fun might not be fun for others".
  • "I don't want to invest in a game for pro pack"
Why worry for investing in pro packs we are here to invest on your game if you are good at it just take part in giveaways,surveys organized by us and win a chance to get free pro pack all you need to do is  just become part of Mini Militia Wars and stay tuned with our team and  our social Media platforms,"All You need is a hope and we are always there to assist you".

  • "To avail store items without skills"
"Always try to earn not to steal" we always support genuine players and most of  people in our community (found in a survey), so don't hack any skill item which you can earn by having a bit of time daily on your game or purchase a genuine rank from our social media pages.  

Not mentioned your reason comment below will be  added with your name mentioned on it >>

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