Best Mini Militia Chat Codes, Words, Commands and Messages



List of All Chat Codes In Mini Militia.


  • GG: Good Game – To appreciate other players that the match was as you expected it to be.

  • GM: Oh, They got me! – When your opponents surround you and you ask for help.

  • CB: Come on boy – To tease the enemy player to try to lead him into the brawl.

  • NS: Nice shot – When the bullets hit the right spot.

  • WP: You wanna piece of me! – To inflame other players to go against you.

  • BI: Bring it – Alternative of “show me what you got,” to challenge.

  • LG: Let’s go, Yeah! – when everybody is ready, and you pump them, to begin with zeal. 

  • RU: Ready Up – Get ready quickly and start the game. 
  • NN: No – To deny opponents view.

  • CM: Cover me – To ask for backfire so that you lead them.

  • HH: Hoo-ya – Words of encouragement.

  • MO: Move out – Evacuate area for other players.

  • GS: Get Some – After firing bullets or throwing bombs and killing an opponent to tease him you say “Get some.”

These are the chat voice that you hear during the play! Hope you like these collections of chat codes for the mini militia! You can also download and save these chat words for future reference. :) 

Check this video for live proof!!

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