UCB: Ultimate Clan Battle

Ultimate Clan Battle

Ultimate Clan Battle Fixtures


It is another tournament of Multi platform game MINI MILITIA organized by PIN PUNDRI and GAME WARRIOR, Its a very different kind of tournament and very first of its own in India where clans will battle around in the game with their swords and guns loaded, so clan leaders get your clan army ready to kill and win flag of victory(PayTm Reward).

In this tournament we will have best clans of mini militia in maximum numbers after registration are over the very next day we will have fixtures out on our web and Youtube channels of the respective organizes, fixtures will be set randomly by them and battle will take place in more than one round, the top three surviving clans will get the winning prize of INR 500, INR 300, and  INR 200 respectively according to there ranks.


  1. Every clan must have at least 8 members.
  2. No hacks are allowed.
  3. No one can play for two clans(if found will be banned from the tournament).
  4. Matches will be followed as described below in process part.
  5. Matches will be knockout type.
  6. Matches will be live at Pin Pundri And  Game Warrior channel Channel link of Game Warrior- click here Channel link of Pin Pundri- click here .
  7. Payment method will be paytm only.
  8. If anyone found hack will be disqualified straight away.
  9. If anyone does not come on given time he will be disqualified straight away.
  10. No one should abuse or spam each other during or before the matches.
  11. Don't forget to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for further updates on tournament.
  12. Registration are open till 10th july.
  13. Do read full details in process of tournament.


Tournament will start just after the registration is over i.e. 11 July 2018 match will be of type 
1 Vs 1(Clan Leader Vs Clan Leader)
3 Vs 3 (Best Three Players of Clan Vs Best Three Players of Clan )
4 Vs 4(CTF)
all categories mentioned above are mandatory and best of the two will be considered for qualifying to next round, So now just get your ass tightened and set your shotgun to fire the enemy, top 3 team will only get the winning prize mentioned above. 

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