How do I become proficient in mini militia?

 How do I become proficient in mini militia?

Hello Militians,

Today I will give pro tips to become really pro in mini militia. Just follow these tips and keep on practicing. I am sure you will be pro in a short time.

Legends can skip this article but they can suggest new tips if I missed any. Thanks in advanced.

Let's talk about tips now. 

Following are the tips which you have to keep in mind while playing:

  • Use Grenades very well.If you see a red marker closing near you, keep throwing grenades at that direction.
  • Throw chemical smoke grenades to block of the path where enemy usually spawns.
  • When there are many enemies very close to you, throw grenades downwards and suicide. This doesn't increase their points.
  • Try to use double weapons all the time.
  • Use the revolver to take out low health players at a Medium range instead of the Uzi
  • The most powerful weapons at close range are the Spas 12 shotgun and flamethrower. Shotgun can kill 2 players in one shot if they are low. Flamethrower is useless at medium range.
  • Ak 47 and M4 are great medium to long range weapons
  • MP5 and double Uzis are great short range machine guns with high fire rate.
  • Use the Ring thrower, Sniper rifle and rifle at long range. You need great skill to use these long range weapons.
  • Always use the maximum zoom settings of all the weapons. Sniper has maximum 7x.
  • Use the appropriate weapons at the appropriate ranges.
  • Try to attack two players who are engaging each other. It will be easy kill because their health will be low.
  • When you spawn only with Revolver, play passively and use Grenades first then try to pickup some weapon.
  • Equip mine, charge at an enemy and throw the mine at them. This can be useful when you are low. It's a suicide mission.
  • Earn or buy battle points. Faster health and jetpack regeneration must be your number one priority.
  • You can't spawn kill enemies with smoke now. Use smoke in choke points like vertical passages in Catacombs or bush in outpost.
  • Plant mines in bushes or vertical passages where enemies freefall.
  • In some phones 7x zoom and 6x zoom lags with hi res graphics. So disable hi res graphics
  • Enable 2X zoom
  • Try to bounce Grenade on the wall above you and lure your enemy. When he gets close to you both of you get blown!
  • In small maps when a lot of players are concentrated together,dont engage. Throw a smoke Grenade and wait for the kills to appear. Your friends will get frustrated!
  • You will have a great advantage if you buy all upgrades using battle points.
  • In small maps, it's better to use double guns rather than Ak or M4.
  • Double revolver is a mini rifle! If you are confident with your aim you can take down a player with just 2 shots. If you miss 2 consecutive shots, you are dead.
  • Avoid rifle in short ranges. It's fire rate is slow and damage is not that high to compensate.
  • Use 5X multiplier of sniper and you got yourself a shotgun
  • If you are on ground ,your jetpack is empty and you see an enemy approaching you at close range , drop a frag grenade/smoke grenade at your feet . He will kill you and end up dying from the blast in most cases
  • Use smoke grenade in places where combat usually takes place or in chokepoints where enemies cannot escape
  • Crouching reduces damage taken significantly. But when a smoke lands on you when you’re crouched it is certain death
  • LASER gun sucks in many maps.
  • For me , the best combo is Sniper + Shotgun
  • Don't give up till the end. In last 15 seconds you may even get 4+kills.
Play well!