What is Discord??

Hey, Friends today we will discuss with you something which is very common among gamer's, community, Youtuber's and so on.Yes it is discord it is very common web service or say platform/Application which provides its user to communicate among themselves, let us talk a bit about its features in a overview here 
  • Talk and play
  • Instant media share
  • You need no one to entertain yourself
  • Easy to use  
  • Available on almost every platform
  • Interactive Bots
  • Real time chats
many more features are there you can comment below if any major one missed out.

Why use Discord?

Now a days communication plays a major role in every sector of human life and as tech is growing there are many ways we can communicate with each other so here our question comes that why should we use discord over other apps available such as whatsapp, skype, team speak, telegram and many other so here is why we can use discord over other apps:

  • Runs better in background 
  • user friendly interface
  • play music while you play/work
  • separate channels for your work
  • categorized roles
  • talk to friends while doing anything

How to join discord?

All you need to do is register online or download its application on your smartphones you will need to fill out some of basic info such as name, email etc. 

Download app from here

What after registering on Discord?

you will need to join a server to enjoy full features of discord or you can create one of your own, in discord there are various channels categorized as voice and chat in voice channel you can listen to music(by adding a bot) or play and chat with friends its like a group call there can be uncountable number of users on a channel either on voice or chats channel best thing about discord is that you can provide roles to your friends or to your Youtube community 

MMW official Server

Our server is recently created it has certain features such as music on the go, youtube stream alert, interactive bot commands, roles defined according to work and seniority in game + server also some of the features related to paytm matches we organize Join our server for fun Games paytm matches tournaments moderation and  also if you are not on any server you can join our server to experiment what actually discord is?
Comment below  if you have any query or join the server and complain us at it in complaints channel.