PUBG Mobile season 6 to release on March 21: Weapons, vehicles and all the new updates


After a successful Season 5, Tencent would be releasing the next season of mobile version of its popular game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds aka PUBG Mobile.

There have been reports stating upcoming features and improvements that would be made in the eSport. PUBG has confirmed that the company would release a new song after Season 6 starts.

The Battle Royale game is expected to add new weapons and vehicles for the new season. According to the latest beta version on Android, the game would introduce 

  • a new rifle which would be exclusive to Vikendi. 
  • SCAR-L would be replaced with a new 5.56mm rifle called the G36C. 
  • The gun would support a scope, thumb grip, laser sight. 
  • new skins to the M762 rifle. 
  • Erangel and Miramar were the last remaining maps to get dynamic weather. After the Season 6 update, these two maps would be getting dynamic weather as well. 
  • The Sanhok exclusive vehicle would replace the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus in the green grass map. 
  • In the Zombie mode, zombies would enter in a weakened state throughout the match. Previously, zombies would spawn during the night. The beta update also fixes a bug where in some areas zombies could not enter.
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Other features expected are new avatars and outfits. The developers may add some new skins for weapons and bags. 

The new season is expected to premiere on March 21 which would end on May 18.

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