DA2 Mini Militia New Update v5.2.0 Is Out Get Free Cash and Coins in Mini Militia

Mini Militia New Update v5.2.0. Beta
Mini Militia New Update v5.2.0 Beta

Mini Militia update v5.2.0 Beta Version

Minor Updates

  • control design changed
  • grenade animation changed
  • rocket launcher bullet animation changed
  • Match over music is changed comment if you like the music or not
  • gun upgrade music changed
  • level up music changed

Major Updates

  • collect free coins by viewing ads, 1 ads = 50 coins, 2 ads = 100, 3 ads = 150 coins and 4th ads = 1 cash.
  • After 18 hrs again you can view ads and earn coins. 
  • This update is really awesome because for getting 300 coins you need to get minimum 60 kills but now you earn 300 coins just by viewing 3 ads.
  • Now you can change time duration in custom game
  • Introducing Tutorial Mode to help new players learn controls before getting into the first match

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