How To Upgrade Guns Fast in Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2

Upgrade Guns faster in Mini Militia
Upgrade Guns Faster in Mini Militia

We all know that in mini militia for upgrading guns you need coins. So how will you get more coins? Today I will tell one tips to get more coins and upgrade your guns fast in Mini Militia.

Try to play in mini outpost map as it is the smallest map in mini militia and you will get new players or with minimum level so you will get more kills.

more kills = more coins = fully upgraded

See this video how I got many kills in mini outpost

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  1. dude wtf is wrong with you this is just hurting noob players...noob means being new in some and if you do this to the new players they aren't gonna have a good experience of the game and leave...the game doesn't have many players compared to the other mini clip are just hurting others for your own pleasure in this lvl 27 and im not saying these cuz they are my problems but just doing this is not good for other the video you sent...ppl are leaving you can see ppl not having fun and hahaha not my problem get rekt nooobbz...pls they are humans behind those characters pls have some respect to them and let them play and enjoy the game