Finally Mini Militia New Version v5.2.0 is out now

mini militia new update v5.2.0
Mini Militia New Update v5.2.0

Finally Mini Militia new update is out now. Some might not be getting it but have patience by Sunday everyone will be getting final update of mini militia. So do check daily if you have got update or not.

Let's talk about Update

Control Setting

Mini Militia New Update Control Setting
Mini Militia New Update Control Setting

Do comment you like new control setting or older one.

Boost Increased

Boost has been increased same as older version, it's good update.

Match Winning Music Changed

When you will win match then you will hear a different music. Same for upgrading guns, when you will upgrade guns you will hear different music. And when you level up then also you will hear new music. Do comment if you like the music or not.

Increase/Decrease Time in Custom Match

This is one of the best update for those who play custom match. Now you can set time for custom lobby. You can set minimum 1 min to maximum 15 min match time.

Free Rewards

You will be getting 50 coins for watching ads. 100 for second ads, 150 coins for three ads.

Tutorial Mode

If any new player come to play mini militia then he/she has to play this mode first.

Decrease Upgrade Time

This update is given to limited mini militia player only but in next update it will be coming soon!

Do comment if you like this update or not.

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