How To Get Unlimited Crates in Mini Militia | Get Crates Free in Mini Militia

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Earlier I had shared one trick to how to upgrade guns fast so many of you were saying that we need crates also for upgrading guns. So today I will tell you how to collect many crates and upgrade guns faster. So do follow us for more tips and tricks!!

Get Crates Free in Mini Militia

We all know that in new version of mini militia there is a match of 4:50 min and if you are in top three then you will get one crate. So counting that you will need approx 28-30 mins and get 4 crates, now I will tell you one trick.

Tips to Get Unlimited Crates in Mini Militia

You need two mobile phones for this and if you don't have two phones then this trick will not work.

Now open mini militia in both phone. 

Go to battle in team deathmatch and select those match in which less than 10 players are online.

Do same thing in other phone and start match at same time, now you don't have to do anything in phone which you want crates.

Exit from other phone. 

So match over and you will get one crate and withing 10-20 seconds you will get one crate great!! 

Along with that you will get some xp which will help in level up.

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