Mini Militia New Update 5.3.3 is Out For Everyone | New Settings & Add Friends in Mini Militia

Mini Militia New Update 5.3.3


Hello Militian Mini Militia is new update out for everyone now. If you have got the update do comment below the post and if you have not got update yet then do wait for some days and you will also get update.


Mini Militia New Update 5.3.3

Go to Playstore or Appstore and check if you have got any update or not.


Following are the two major update :

1. Add Friends

2. Social Tab in setting option

Now you can add friends in mini militia by searching nickname of your friends. 


Mini Militia New Update 5.3.3 Social Setting


You will get to know about new tab in setting known as Social, this tab is for managing friends activity.


Show my online status to friends : Turning this on your friends can see that you are playing mini militia!!

Notifications when friends come online : Turning this on it will help you to know about your friends when they come online in mini militia game.

Allow players to add as a friend : Turning this on anyone can send your friends. Turning off this setting no one will be able to send a friend request to you.

Allow game invites from : In this you will get two options Friends Only and Everyone. This is for choosing who can send you invites for playing with you.

One question is still unanswered that is upto how many friends we can addin our friend list? What's your guess comment below.

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