Penalty For Streaming PUBG Mobile Or Banned Chinese Apps, Says MeitY

penalty for streaming PUBG Mobile


In the month of September this year, more than 3 crore PUBG users in India were stunned when Govt of India banned PUBG along with 118 Chinese apps.

Later, 42 more Chinese apps were banned.

What if you have a version of PUBG or happen to get a version which can be played in India?

Will you get penalized for the same?

Here is what Govt has said..

No Penalty For Playing PUBG In India

Recently, a law student filed an RTI with Govt of India, asking whether using any banned Chinese app in India will attract fine or penalty?

In their reply, Govt of India said no, there won’t be any penalty or fine for using banned Chinese apps, including PUBG.

In their reply, IT Ministry said, “Meity does not ban any app. However blocking of specified Apps was done under the provisions of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and its Rules namely Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking Access of Information by the Public) Rules, 2009. 

Section 69A of the Act provides for a penalty to intermediaries for non-compliance of the blocking order. However, no penalty is prescribed for individual users of such apps.” 

What Does This Mean?

This clearly means that any Indian can use banned Chinese apps, and will not face any penalty.

However, new downloads of those Chinese apps is not allowed.

Hence, if any Indian is able to download APK file of the game via TapTap (Korean version), they can plan the game, without any issues.

However, if the user streams the game, then there can be penalty.

Penalty For Streaming Banned Games

As per the reply, it’s clear that if the user live streams the banned game or any app, then it will attract penalty.

Hence, distributing the banned apps/games, and live streaming the play of the banned Chinese apps means penalty and heavy fine.

More Details about this topic can be found here.

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