Mini Militia Classic: What's New Update

mini militia classic new update

Hi Militians, here we are back again with latest updates about Mini Militia Classic which is currently under development (Alpha).

From our sources we got to know that for now they are working on bug fixes after they released the alpha Mini Militia there were so many bugs found, this is what team told us about it on a chat:


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So team will be working on it and a stable version will be rolled out in a time gap of 2-3 weeks and further more they are planning to replace Pro Pack system with Loadout (Choice based system). 

Mini Militia Classic Officials quoted: 

"We are replacing pro pack, in part, with what we're calling Loadout System, The store will be accessed via Loadouts.. maybe you can see where this us going. And because we like the idea of choices(Loadout) can be changed each life."

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