MMC Alpha Phase 2 Dev Update - Mid April


Hello Militians,

Today we will share update about mini militia classic, following is the statement straight from the developer itself. And guess what update will be mind blowing just keep reading and see the screenshot!!

When is the next APP UPDATE 'cause that is all that matters to me?

Next time you hear from me I want it to be about releasing an update to the app. So lets go over what's been happening. We're still wrapping up development and testing as we go, so its likely Soon. I am measuring this in days right now. 
If I get to close to Friday (PST) without a warm fuzzy feeling I am going hold off, but if I get back to it, there is a SMALL, but decent, chance we could see an Android update this week. At which point we will submit a stable build to Apple again and see what happens there too (I know you guys are patiently waiting in the wings for your chance to help us test too.)

The current effort:

We're cruising along. Work hasn't stopped and we started working even more time to get ahead of it (it's not sustainable! but ok for short runs.) Our focus at the most is scores. Posting, saving, and regurgitating them in the client in a fashion that makes some sense.

For our first take on saved scores will be seen in a leader board form. It won't be real time, we will calculate them daily at some set time (to be determined, but first stab will be done at 00:00:00 GMT). Especially as it grows large. But it will be timely in that the previous day and the cumulative scores will be seen, and the current day will be added to them at the next  scheduled time.

Leader board in development (not necessarily final, but it may sit this way for a while.)

We're going for functionality first, but we're going to focus on the data first and grow this out. There are a lot of things to do with this. I am always surprised after a phenomenal amount of computer science happens that it boils down to a simple, but functionally elegant (we hope!) display. My hope is to do this wisely so that we don't have to melt the polar caps to calculate and produce meaningful reports.

Who lives the longest in conflict.
Who lives the longest in conflict 
Who scores the most.
Who scores the most 
Who is the most deadliest.
Who is the most deadliest.Who wreaks the most damage.
Who wreaks the most damage.

ALPHA ALERT: This is a new system. It's got bugs, it's not even done, but we need to prove it out in the coming releases. What you see is the tip of the iceberg. Understand that EVERY element in the game is touched to get a score to the servers and back out so you can see a leader board stat up to 24 hours later. We're essentially replacing Google Play Games/Apple Game Center. 
There is some hard computer science to solve some of these issues, but confidence is high, and we haven't even achieved our final form. But as battles are reported to the server we will filling these tables (likely daily) but we will also be updating your profiles. You are going to want those earned points (derived from stats) for spending and leveling your rank. But it still remains to be seen... Will it scale.

Is that the DA2ID I see?

Some of you old school OG might notice the 8 characters we use on the names during testing. That is indeed the old DA2ID we used for reporting abuse, for banning, and reducing fakers to the jokesters that they are... We call it the 'Global ID' GID, and it will travel with you to any of games as a way to follow/find/recognize. This is your public ID. Its set once and never changes unless you enter a witness protection program. We will work with local law enforcement on this one.

What are seasons?

What is a season you ask? Maybe you didn't, but I am going to tell you anyway. It's going to an arbitrary time bound period. Let's say for testing in alpha we decide lets set it to a week. In production it could be months. That would mean there would be 7 days and a cumulative leader board. 
We might have short holiday related seasons, or just stick to the worldly 4 seasons of the year... it's arbitrary and we will define that more over time. The more automated it is the better, as it will free up Chad and I to work on other content the less we have to touch this.

Types of initial leader boards:

The first leader boards are going to cover score kills, score, damage, max streak. We also have how many times you died, quit/drop rate, etc. We will probably save those last types of data for your player profile. More on that later...

Reporting Wall (Error/Hacking) Issues:

We need to improve the quality level of wall issues being reported. Pictures are nice. The WHERE and HOW are often missing. We need steps to reproduce this to fix it. We will work on walls more once we solve the map misload issue. It's muddying the waters of what's causing this. 
You can help by telling us HOW you got into the hole. We've got a solution on the horizon that folks who accidentally get pushed into a dirt nap won't like, but people purposefully playing with extorting the space will suffer. Then we will focus on the accidental causes of being pushed violently through map walls. >:) Emphasis on violent. Lets call it "Operation Dirt Nap".

Cheaters spotted suffering in the game:

Got an awesome video of a hacker getting called out and then proving he was hacking as he had a gas grenade tantrum. Host did their job and booted them. As satisfying as it was to watch the host tools end them. It still ruins the game for everyone left though. :( 
The CTF game was unbalanced now. and thus not fun. We are committed to knocking these cheats out before then do damage (literally) and figuratively to the game and community. When we move weapon/item spawn logic to the server's control 100% we will nip this one in the bud in a way that leaves little else for cheaters to fiddle with. 
They can try to throw/use whatever they want, but it won't work for them. More to come on this ongoing battle. Thanks for reporting with screenshots and videos. It reminds us we got work to do!

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