Frequently Asked Question in Mini Militia FAQ with Answers By MiniMilitiaWars

People do have a number of queries about the Mini militia game. They do trigger their questions in various forums and Q&A sites. Most of the queries are not solved with the satisfactory answers. So we have decided to make a list of queries along with the answers in this post. So this post will contain Mini Militia FAQ

Did You Know? – Mini Militia was developed originally by Hunter Mayer & Chad Towns. A huge shoutout to the guys for such a fun game. 




1. What Is The Review Of Mini Militia?

Basically mini militia is a multiplayer shooting game developed by Appsomniacs. In 2018, Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia was acquired by Miniclip from Appsomniacs, It’s now available for android and iOS devices. It is one of the finest game through which you can connect with your friends via WiFi hotspot and start the combat. 

2. How To Become Proficient Player In Mini Militia?

In order to master the game, there are few mini militia tricks which you can follow. If you wanna make some tweaks then try using our mini militia hack versions and rule the game!


3. How Mini Militia Work?

Mini Militia basically works on the basis of the skills of player. The one who made the most number of kills will rank at the top of the table. In the multiplayer gaming, the team with the highest cumulative score of each member will be declared as the winner. In the online gaming, it allots a ranking for each player ranging from 0-100. The higher the better.


4. How To Avoid Hackers On Mini Militia Online Play?

In the multiplayer gaming, if some of your friends are using hack, then you may boot them from the game.  Whereas in the online play, I would say it’s not possible to avoid hackers. Else wait until mini militia developers comes with a new update.

5. How Do I Use Timer Bombs In Mini Militia?

Well it's a good question. The timer bomb is available in some of the mini militia maps only. Once you land on that bomb you can collect it. Click on the bomb option to toggle it to timer bomb. Then finally you can through on through towards the wall. When the opponent moves through that path, he will be blasted. One can also directly through the time bomb over the opponent to kill him.


6. How To Increase My Skill Points In Mini Militia?

In order to improve your skill point you need to play like a pro. We have created separate posts where you can find many mini militia tips to improve your skills.


7. How Do I Deploy Miner In Mini Militia?

Miner is another name of the timer bombs. So kindly refer to the 5th question in this post for more info.


8. How Do I Play Mini Militia With Friends From Home?

We have created a complete tutorial for this query. Do read this post to know how to play mini militia with friends


9. Is There A Mini Militia Hack Tools?

Yes for root phones, one can use hack tools like lucky patcher or freedom apk to hack mini militia.


10.  What Are Some Amazing Facts About Mini Militia?

It is one of the addictive game among the college students. One amazing fact about this cool game is that we can either play with our friends via hotspot or play with our strangers online. Also it’s possible to connect upto 16 players at once in a gameplay. The different type of guns and maps adds more value to it.


11. How To Decide The Winner In Mini Militia?

Basically a winner is mini militia has to make the maximum number of kills. When it comes to team, the cumulative score of all the team members should be high.


12. How To Hack Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia To Upgrade To Pro Version For Free?

Do check this post on various methods to hack mini militia.


13. How To Install Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia On Windows?

Still the developers has not launched this awesome game for windows. But still you can play it on your windows pc with bluestacks.


14. How To Boot A Player In Mini Militia Multiplayer Game?

Click on player avatar, you will see setting click on that and you will get option to boot player.


15. Where To Get The Best Cracked Apk For Mini Militia Game?

Our site has got all the best hacks, mods and cheats for mini militia.


16. How To Get Pro Pack Without Paying For It?

Just download the mini militia pro pack mod from our site.


17. Why Is This Game Much Popular Among College Students?

As it’s a multiplayer shooting game, college students have a crush on it. It also supports team based playing. Hence it has gone viral.


18. How Do I Play Mini Militia On PC With Keyword?

Well check this link for the complete tutorial on how to play mini militia on PC.


19. Which Version Of Mini Militia Is A True One?

They are frequently updating the game with new version. For now, version 5.1.0 is the latest one.


20. How To Change The Avatar Name In Mini Militia?

Go to settings -> avatar -> enter the avatar name.

Hope you have got the interesting answers for your queries. Do comment if you have got more questions about mini militia

We are happy to provide the answers. 


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