Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 New Update V5.2.0 Official Release Date New Upcoming Updates

mini militia v5.2.0
Mini Militia v5.2.0

As earlier we said mini militia new update will be coming in this week only but update didn't come, the reason behind that is cleared by one of the developer of mini militia. We got an official email from them, read it out

"Hey all- just wanted to share that the below changes are done but we are trying to stabilize the build, especially the Ad-long experience.. because we found that it takes more time to load the Ad, which leads to a bad experience and we will need to address this before the rollout.

So the plan is next week - you will get an update with these changes along with the improved Ad-loading experience... and at that time, you will also have more players to play with because we will start rollout to a small population outside beta as well.

The plan is to share it this week.. it's on track, when it is ready I will update in the group"

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