Mini Militia New Update 5.3.4 is Out Now | What's New in New Update v5.3.4


Hello Militian, New update has come in mini militia it's not for only beta version users. This update has been rolled out for all users. 

Many players are saying that nothing is new in this update but I will tell you about one minor update which many of you have not noticed. Ya you heard it right!!!

Some of players are telling that game play is smooth, bugs has been fixed in this update but there is no such things in this new update. 

You can check after playing 3-4 matches after updating mini militia. You will find that nothing is changed everything is as before only. 

Game is still laggy and other bugs still exist in this game as before!!

Even if you check what's new section on Play Store you will find that the same updates details has been written there. But I will tell you what minor change miniclip has done in this new update.


mini militia new update 5.3.4

Mini Militia new update 5.3.4 

If you remember that when Miniclip had launched mini militia for the first time, Logo was like below the guy was holding gun.


mini militia logo

But after some months they removed  gun from logo and we were seeing this logo only.

mini militia logo

Now in this update they have again brought the previous logo back! That's all, talking about gameplay and bugs there is no changes at all game is still laggy.

Only icon is changed, I don't know what's the logic behind changing icon. is miniclip afraid of mini militia classic game's return?!!!

We all know that miniclip brings update every 2 months. Earlier update was on 17th September but now 2 months passed still no new update in this game, let's see what's come in upcoming update. 

Stay tuned for more updates, do follow us so that you can get news about new updates from us.

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