Mini Militia Classic New Update 0.1.0 is Out Now, What's New in Mini Militia New Update v0.1.0


Mini Militia Classic New Update 0.1.0

Hey Guys, Welcome back again!!!

Finally we have new update of mini militia classic whose version is 0.1.0. Approximately after 2 months we are having new update of mini militia classic, earlier version of this game used to be 0.0.3 but after this new update it's version is 0.1.0. So developers have jumped quite a long step, let's see whether they have made that much changes to game or not.


Mini Militia Classic New Update What's New

"We changed a lot. All of being under the hood and behind the scenes. See if you can find the differences.

Mods that affected damage and health (i.e, cheating) will be busted up in this version. We moved all the damage and validation calculations to a new client server architecture. This should buy us some time before they find new ways to harm legit play online.

This version is incompatible with the older versions. It will join(e.g., a LAN game), but you won't do any damage  to another player." 

Major update is that hackers will not be there in this game


Download Mini Militia Classic Simple Mod 


Let's see if hackers are coming or not in this game, for now many hackers are there in this game. Most of the updates are back side so we might not be able to see updates but the hackers one changes works then it would be a good update for all of us. Many new servers are added to avoid lag issue in mini militia classic.

Mini Militia Classic New Update

Now many of you guys might be confused about how to update mini militia classic, I have a solution for that. First of all clear caches of Play store on your mobile and follow this step Download mini militia classic 

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